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MTN, or MTN Group Limited, is a multinational mobile telecommunications company in South Africa, with its head office in Johannesburg. In 2020, MTN officially recorded 280 million subscribers and ranks as the 8th largest mobile network operator in the world. They are active in over 20 countries, with many in Asian and African countries, with one-third of MTN’s revenue coming from Nigeria, holding around 35% market share. South Africa MTN provides technology in the form of 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G services, GSM, UMTS, HSPA+, HSUPA, and VOIP services. MTN became the first South African network operator to launch a live public 5G network that was available in Johannesburg and Capetown in June, 2020.

The History and Founding of MTN

The company MTN were founded in 1994, around the same time South Africa gained its freedom and democracy. Their mission and ethos are heavily centred around this, aiming to give back to the communities it operates in, and provide needed support and upliftment for many historically disadvantaged communities. The Foundation was then established and projects were organised behind one unified mission: “To improve the lives of poor and previously disadvantaged communities, in collaboration with civil society, Government, NGOs and other relevant organisations.”

In 2012, a partnership with Afrihost was announced by MTN, to provide DSL Broadband services throughout Africa - and in November of the same year, South African holding company Shanduka Group acquired a minority stake for $335 million in MTN Group's Nigeria business. Despite controversies about the unpredictability of their mobile service, MTN is one of South Africa’s most used mobile service providers and ranks high among the global companies.


Products and Services of MTN

MTN stores have a range of product brands and varying devices and services available. If you’re looking for new laptops, computers, cellphones, tablets, routers, contracts and service provider/internet plans, upgrades, or data recharges, MTN has deals and great offers available for you to choose from. You can find popular and trustworthy brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more.

MTN Promo Catalogues

Keep an eye out for MTN’s Promo Catalogues that list all their specials so you don’t miss out on any new bargains or deals. Discounted cell phone contracts and other electronic gadgets are always up for grabs, with each month offering new combos and contract discounts that are designed with both the cost of the service and the quality in mind, giving you the very best for your money's worth.

Yellow Bucks

If you’re a YellowBucks member with an active profile you can use this service to pay and process charges. Payments are made through the MTN app and many shoppers prefer this method of paying as they gain points and rewards for every recharge and processed payment. For every R1 spend you earn 1 Yellowbuck. You can use your Yellowbucks to redeem rewards, pay for bundles and retail vouchers, and Play To Win twice a day. Yellowbucks are a great incentive for shoppers as they gai rewards for payments they would make anyway, giving back to the communities once again.

Other stores

Have you already seen all the catalogues and incredible promotions from this MTN store? Make sure to stay informed by clicking the logo of a store and checking out what great products and promotions they have to offer!

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