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Boxer is proud to advertise their brand as Africa’s Favourite Discount Supermarket’ and is one of South Africa’s most rapidly growing discount supermarkets. Because of its ethos to keep prices affordable and money-saving promotions, Boxer has become a household name in South Africa for low cost and good quality. Designed to be a discount supermarket with ‘everything under one roof, Boxer has builders’ hardware through to a liquor store format, letting you buy all your household goods under one roof.

The History of Boxer

Boxer was founded over 4 decades ago in 1977, in the Empangeni area located in KwaZulu-Natal. It is one of South Africa’s fastest-growing discount supermarket chains and was acquired by the Pick n Pay Group in 2002 as part of their growing campaign to cater to lower-income communities with top-quality, cost-effective products and essential goods.

In 2021, the Pick n Pay group planned to add 200 new stores to its Boxer discount supermarket chain in the course of the next 3 years. This expansion was planned in light of the demand for lower-income supermarket stores that cater to the communities of South Africa. Between Boxer Supermarkets, Boxer Punch, Boxer Build, Boxer Liquor, and TM Supermarkets - there are now over 200 Boxer stores across South Africa and over 1900 stores in the Pick n Pay group.

Net-Worth and Employment

With Pick n Pay Group stores in over 2900 different locations across South Africa and over 200 Boxer stores - the communities of South Africa benefit not only from the affordable shopping and discount goods but by employing locals and giving back to the people and community.

Pick n Pay group which includes the Boxer brand saw a R93 billion revenue in 2021 and employs over 90 000 individuals, happily providing much-needed jobs for the community. And with the ever-expanding need for stores and the plan for the Pick n Pay Group’s expansion of Boxer stores, more people can find the benefit of affordable shopping and much-needed employment.

In-Store Product Range

Boxer Superstores provide a range of products that you’ll need in your day-to-day life, and proudly boasts great discounts and specials on a variety of low-priced products, from fruit and vegetables, bakery and butchery items, a hot food delicatessen, to other household food items and cleaning products, pet foods and so much more.

Boxer has a wide range of liquor and spirits and beer making shopping easier for you when stocking up for the weekend or for an event. The popular Money Kiosk counter is a convenient addition for you if you need to do any online transactions and purchasing, making this a one-stop shop.

Boxer Promotions Catalogue

To stay informed with the latest specials for groceries, liquor, and bundle deals - Boxer has monthly and bundle deal catalogues they distribute and print for you to stay updated easily. You can find the monthly catalogue online or even pick one up the next time you’re shopping at your local Boxer store.

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