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As one of South Africa’s most well-known supermarkets and Africa’s largest supermarket retailer- A Shoprite and Checkers store can be found in every suburb and is famous for cheaper prices and discount deals and specials that run every week and month. Shoprite’s main goal is to provide everyday goods and groceries to their customers while saving them money with lower prices and good quality products. Their products cover a wide range of goods, allowing customers the convenience of shopping in a single location for all their needs. From fresh food, baked goods and toiletries to baby food, toys, cleaning items and pet food - you can buy it all at Shoprite while saving money in the process.

The Founding and History of Shoprite

Shoprite was founded in 1979 when they bought a small grocery company with eight stores from the Rogut family, and so The Shoprite Group was established. In 1990, a Shoprite store was opened in Namibia, and in 1991 obtained the national Checkers chain. Shoprite was gathering momentum now and in 1995 the first store in Namibia was opened. By 2001 they had added over 130 struggling OK Bazaars and 18 Hyperamas to their list of stores under the Shoprite Holdings banner.

Shoprite Today and The Other Brands

Today, Shoprite Holdings is Africa’s largest supermarket retailer and consists of stores like Usave, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Sixty 60, OK Furniture and Power Express, MediRite, TransPharm, and Freshmark. From groceries to liquer to medication - Shoprite and related brands will have the products you seek.

In over 40 years, 2,943 stores have opened across the continent with over 145 000 employees, providing the country with much-needed jobs for many. With a net income of R2.7 billion (FY 2022 interim), Shoprite Holdings is one of the wealthiest chains in Africa. In 2008 the Shoprite Group was added to the JSE Top 40 Index of blue-chips in 2008, and with the recent launch of Checkers Sixty 60 in 2019, their platform in the online world of shopping has revolutionised their brand.

Shoprite’s Product Range

Shoprite stores are designed as a one-stop store, with fresh produce and fruit, bakeries, butcheries, and every other grocery and goods available every day. Shoprite also has a range of house brands for a wide range of products for a cost-effective option for customers and gives you an affordable and quality alternative for many grocery types. From soups and sauces to pasta and pet food, the Shoprite and Checkers house brands can be found, and their general range of products makes shopping a one-stop convenience.

Shoprite Promo Leaflets and Online Specials

You can stay informed of the latest specials and promotional deals with Shoprite’s Specials Leaflet, with each local store having their Special Catalog printed each week and easily accessible for shoppers and locals alike. These catalogue the weekly specials with each product pictured clearly - which makes finding the perfect deal a simple task. Their catalogues have specials for various deals like liquor, medication, and other bundle deals released each week. Massive saves are always available.

Xtra Savings

Shoprite has allowed their customers to save even more with an Xtra Savings card. With every swipe of the card when a customer makes a purchase at Shoprite or Checkers, you get points. The more you spend at their store, the more you earn - giving you specials deals and promotions every week and month, and can use their Xtra Savings card to pay for items at the check out point like they would a bank card

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